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We sat down with our Vendor of the Month, Elan Artists, for a helpful tip session. We wanted to know what couples need to consider when choosing their wedding entertainment. Here’s what they had to say…

  1. Find a knowledgeable vendor that you trust, and let them know what kind of budget you’re working with for wedding entertainment.  Whether the sky is the limit or your budget is bare bones, that information will allow your music vendor to personalize their recommendations and make suggestions in the right price range.


  1. Consider a mix of live and recorded music.  This works well at all budget levels!  For example, a mid-range budget might be best served with a string trio for the ceremony, a solo guitarist for the cocktail hour, and a DJ for the reception.  A higher budget might include a full dance band for the 4 hour reception, and then rather than extending the band into overtime, shift gears to a DJ for the after party.  Sky’s the limit?  Add an amazing boutique jazz band for cocktail hour.


  1. If you’re not familiar with classical music, and stumped by choosing your ceremony selections, don’t worry! I recommend choosing the bridal processional first, and then building the rest of your ceremony selections around that.  You probably have more of an opinion about his than you might realize.  For example, do you want the traditional processional (Bridal Chorus by Wagner, “Here Comes the Bride”)?  Most brides have a strong opinion about this one way or another!  Try walking around your living room imagining walking down the aisle to this music—how does it feel?  Do you want to make a grand entrance, or a more romantic and subtle one?


  1. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part it’s best to let your musical friends & family members enjoy themselves as guests (rather than say, asking Aunt Bea to sing at your ceremony).


  1. When you or your wedding planner create your timeline for the reception, please be sure to include any announcements that you’d like the band or DJ to make, together with phonetic pronunciations for the names of those in your family and bridal party.  This will really help the evening go smoothly!

This month’s featured vendor is Soco Events and as we mentioned in our newsletter, we absolutely love working with Jennifer Stiebel and her team! Over the years we have worked with Soco Events on many different weddings and each time they never cease to amaze us with their creativity and attention to detail. Truly fantastic wedding planning! Today we want to feature one of our favorite weddings that we’ve done with Soco Events. It took place at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the bride wore a custom Liancarlo gown and Monique Lhuillier skirt…

Photos by: Adam Barnes Photography 












In our April newsletter we featured Marigold & Grey a boutique gift basket company that specializes in the design, preparation, and delivery of custom welcome gifts for weddings and other special events. We also chatted with the owner, Jamie Kutchman, to learn a little bit more about her, her company, and her fabulous baskets!

Q: How did you decide to start Marigold & Grey?

A: It was crunch time, a couple of weeks before my own wedding, when I realized how tricky it is to find unique, one-of-a-kind items for welcome gifts. I wanted thoughtful and locally-inspired items since all of my guests were making the effort to travel in from out of town. After all the time and energy that went into the gifts, I returned from my honeymoon and heard that some of our welcome bags were delivered to the wrong hotel by mistake. Some guests received a gift and others did not…embarrassing! This immediately got me thinking about the need for a boutique welcome gift company! At the same time, I was becoming increasingly more and more unhappy in my corporate career. I was financially successful but inside, I felt stagnant and unfulfilled. So, in April of last year, I resigned from my job (on a conference call, actually!) and in mid-November, I launched the e-commerce website that you see up and running today.

Q: What is the best part about using Marigold & Grey?

A: When brides, grooms and planners use the design-your-own-gift function on the website, in just 5 to 10 minutes and a few clicks here and there, they have a beautiful, well-designed set of welcome gifts ready to welcome their guests to town. If done the traditional way, it can take days and weeks to research ideas, source the items, wait for the items to ship, and then assemble everything. The month or so leading up to a wedding should not be filled with last-minute stressful tasks such as welcome gifts. It should be spent celebrating with friends and family. I love taking some of the stress away!

Q: What is the process you go through with your clients?

A: Clients can work with us one of two ways. The first is to use the e-commerce website to design their own gifts from start to finish. They first choose a packaging option (box, bag or basket) and then add the contents they’d like inside (snacks, beverages, toiletries, keepsakes).

The second way is to take advantage of our Concierge Gift Design Service. Clients provide us with their wedding style, location, gift budget, and color palette and we put together a gift design for them that matches their overall vision.

Q: What is your favorite gift item to add to baskets?

A: Oh, this is a tough one since there are SO many items in the collection that I absolutely love. But if I must choose one, it would have to be the Neighborwoods Cedar Map Coasters of Washington DC! These are high-end, unique, handcrafted, functional and smell amazing.

Q: What is your favorite gift basket you’ve ever done?

A: Hmm. Another tough question! I’d have to say a garden-inspired basket I designed for the Bowties & Bubbly bridal show back in January where each room at the venue had a distinctly different design. The design for this particular room was a garden party with a bubbly bar and tons of greenery. I loved the soft, lush, feminine, organic, luxurious feel of this basket. I’d definitely love to be a wedding guest receiving this as a welcome gift!

Photo credit: Krista A. Jones Photography

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Winter weddings are always a favorite of ours. From a grand ballroom draped in winter white to a romantic and snowy country getaway, winter weddings have a certain air about them. They can be grand and glamorous or intimate and cozy but still leave an impression. Here are some of our favorite ideas for winter weddings from some of our favorite local vendors…



Soco Events

Photo by: Jennifer Lust


Karson Butler Events

Photo by: Lindsay Hite of Readyluck

© Lindsay Hite / Readyluck

Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 11.14.02 AM

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.30.15 PM

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.30.28 PM

Easton Events

Photo by: Eric Kelley

Courtney Rich & Matt Linsky Courtney Rich & Matt Linsky Courtney Rich & Matt Linsky Courtney Rich & Matt Linsky

Evoke DC

Photo by: Christian Oath Studio

Our top vendor of the week is Karson Butler Events!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 3.10.20 PM

The twin sister duo behind Karson Butler Events, have over a decade of event planning experience across the globe and their fabulous work goes to show their dedication to each event.

The girls, Amber and Emily, bring their own creativity, style, and attention to detail to create the most beautiful personalized events. Amber and Emily specialize in weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, and any other reason to celebrate! That is why they were again selected as one of the DC area’s best wedding planners by Washingtonian Bride and Groom Magazine.

The Karson Butler Events wedding experience includes planning assistance to:

-design the look and feel of your wedding

-help you find the right venue

-connect you with the right vendor partners

-develop a wedding budget

-ensure your wedding is better than you even envisioned!

Way to go ladies!!!

XXX CBA girls!