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As we mentioned in our newsletter, Laura Hooper Leader has owned & operated Laura Hooper Calligraphy since 2002 serving clients with hand calligraphy & stationery needs for weddings, showers, events & more. In addition to custom wedding & event projects, Laura Hooper Calligraphy also offers a line of lifestyle & party goods featuring Laura’s lettering on a variety of items for everyday & special occasion use, including greeting cards, coasters, napkins, stir sticks, mugs & more. Here are our favorite items available from Laura Hooper Calligraphy… 


“Oyster Shell” Place Card 


“Drunk in Love” Napkins 


“Love Wood Laser Cut” Cake Topper


“Custom Save the Date Maps”


“Best Day Ever” Wood Stir Sticks

We absolutely love our Vendor of the Month Rex & Regina! They are incredible at all they do and we always enjoy working with them. Teresa Lee, of Rex & Regina, was kind enough to share some of her top tips for wedding planning and answer some of our most burning questions. So read on, and get your bridal scoop!


Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: To be honest, I feel like I am one of the luckiest people alive — that every day I am privileged to do what I love to do most. I am a planner not only by profession, but by nature and personality, too.  I am passionate about what I do and love to work with clients to bring to life their vision for their wedding.  I love that every client is unique and therefore every day is a little different. It is certainly not a boring job!


Q: What is the best advice you could give a client?

A: Don’t over-think things. Research, evaluate, make a decision, and don’t look back. There are infinite choices out there and the quest for the “perfect” thing can be exhausting, not to mention futile. Creative sources like Pinterest can be helpful, but they can also overwhelm and stall the process because they overload the mind with options. Instead, focus on the things that matter, the things that will bring meaning to the day. Think about what it is you want to remember about your wedding 20 years from now and make those things a priority.


Q: What is the most important thing a client needs to consider when choosing an event planner?

A: If I can cheat, there are two things: chemistry and experience. Chemistry is critical when choosing a planner. This is the person you will not only be spending a lot of time with leading up to the wedding, but who will also be guiding you through the entire day. You need to like this person — and you need to trust them. Trust is built over time which is one reason that having a planner on board for more than just the weekend of the wedding is helpful. It allows you time to develop that relationship and for the planner to get to know you and your vision for the wedding. Once that trust and understanding is established, the planner can successfully execute.  And that is where experience comes in. Chemistry is useless unless the planner has the experience to see the process through to flawless execution. A planner with experience will know how to avoid pitfalls, troubleshoot onsite, and manage the logistics necessary to create a beautiful and memorable day.


Q: What is the least important thing a client needs to consider? 

A: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Not every good planner will invest in an amazing website. Not every good planner will pay to be featured on top wedding blogs. Not every good planner will apply to be considered for awards. Focus on chemistry and experience, not the marketing.


Q: Tell our brides a little more about your company, in your words, what sets Rex & Regina apart from other event planners?

A: The first question I always get asked about the firm is who are Rex and Regina! Hint: they are not my dogs. Rex and Regina is Latin for king and queen and I chose the name for the meaning behind it. When kings and queens entertained centuries ago, the royal court became an extension of their family. I love that concept. I love that whether it is a corporate event where they are entertaining clients, a nonprofit event where they are entertaining donors, or, in this case, a wedding where friends and family are being entertained, that everyone should feel welcomed and comfortable. They should feel like family. They should feel like the couple really thought about them and created a seamless and memorable experience for them.

So that is in part what differentiates us. We help our clients think about their wedding through the guests’ eyes. We marry the client’s vision for their day with strategies for making sure that every guest will leave that wedding thinking, “wow — they really cared that I was here.”  We love design and aesthetics, we love making things look beautiful, but when we work with our clients we always make sure that the design never detracts from the experience of the guests.

We also have decades of experience. We’ve seen it all and our clients trust us because they know we are capable of executing. We are their advocate and know how to navigate the process to create the best results possible. And we have a lot of fun doing it!


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We had a blast chatting with our November Vendor of the Month, Atrendy Wedding! In our newsletter we described the amazing work that Atrendy Wedding does and the philosophy it lives by. However, we wanted to get a little more in depth information from the owner herself, Pam Barefoot. We sat down to discuss some of her top tips for clients as well as frequently asked questions.

Q: What drives your work?

A: Design! I love creating something special with my clients. I don’t believe in creating the same thing twice. I think about my clients wedding everywhere I go and get inspiration at every turn. I’m constantly thinking about how to create something unique and special for each couple based on the vision we create together. I love seeing my clients face when their wedding is reveled to them on their big day.

Q: What is the number one piece of advice you give brides?

A: Right before I cue the bride down the aisle and open the doors I tell them to take this moment in and remember it. They are about to walk to their future husband and share it with all their friends and family. The wedding day is full of memories but if you don’t take the time to stop and be present it flies by without you ever taking in the important moments.

Q: How do you suggest brides spread out their wedding budget (percentage wise)?

A: Every couple is completely different with their wants and needs. What is important to one couple wont necessary be important to the next to make their big day memorable. I get to know each one of my couples so their budget is a reflection of the wedding they want.

Q: What do you suggest to plan first?

A: The first thing couples should do is hire a wedding planner that they connect with and has experience in the area that they want to get married in. The rest will be simple when you have someone on your side that understands your wants and vision. A professional will make the process easy for you and keep you on track for the months to come.

Q: What is your favorite part to plan?

A: Each wedding should have a flow and feel right from the beginning to the end. I believe that when your guests leave your wedding they will say, “That was the best wedding we’ve ever been to” and they won’t even know why or be able to pinpoint a specific thing because what you created for them was an “experience” from the very beginning to the end.

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