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Liancarlo has become known for the custom embroideries they create as well as the exquisite lace they include in each collection. This season was just as beautiful, filled with the unique details we love. In particular, the line offered guipure lace gowns, hand embroidered tulle, and structured tiered hemlines. Liancarlo also designs belts and antique crystal jewelry; many brides opt to play with their accessories in order to switch their bridal look. Below we’ve selected some examples of the trends we discussed as well as some accessories from the Liancarlo line.

We will be having a Liancarlo trunk show starting tomorrow and running January 29th-31st by appointment only, for availability please call 202 965-4696 or email…

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With our Liancarlo trunk show coming up this week we asked the line’s designer a few questions that inquiring brides want to know. Luckily, our friend Carlos Ramirez took some time to sit down with us! Here’s what we discussed…

1. I know you design your own embroideries, tell us about that?

I’ve always drawn and painted, so when it comes to embroideries I enjoy designing the concept from scratch so that the theme works with the finished gown. The fact that I use an Italian embroiderer that I have know and worked with for years is a plus, since we can understand one another’s shorthand.

2. How did you design your latest art deco appliqué for this collection?

Funny thing about that, ideas come from the weirdest places. We live in an old Mediterranean house from the 30’s, and part of that motif is carved into the limestone mantle of the fireplace. The house itself is a hybrid of mediterranean and art deco design from that period.

3. What was your inspiration for the new collection?

Airiness, lightness. It seems that many girls are having less traditional weddings, whether they be destination weddings or garden weddings etc. So I felt the dresses should tell that story as well, they should be light, airy, easy to wear while still being beautifully crafted.

4. What goes into creating your collection each season?

It starts out with a mountain of fabric, sketches, and swatches. Then begins the process of distilling these ideas into the correct silhouettes for the appropriate fabric/embroidery. Then comes a time of setting ideas aside and letting them simmer (literally in my head) and final adjustments and corrections. All in all its an interesting yet intricate process where you have to work from both sides of your brain, the right brings in the emotional beauty aspect while the left adds the functionality and wearability.

5. Some brides want to be classic and some want to be more modern but how can a bride bridge the gap and incorporate a bit of both into her look?

Easy buy one of my gowns. I strive to walk that line with every collection.

6. In your opinion, what is the largest misconception about bridal gowns; what is the number one piece of advice you would give a bride?

I know in most cases this is the first real gown that girls will be wearing, but don’t turn it into a costume, don’t let the gown wear you. That doesn’t mean don’t try new things, because experimenting within parameters is a great way to discover good looks, but keep it simple. Lace or embroidery are beautiful ways of adding interest, especially if done tastefully, but they should work to bring the focus back to you. Also don’t add too many things to the look, sometimes less is more. It all depends on the person and the dress in question, but ultimately when you look in the mirror, does it feel like you?

Our Liancarlo trunk show will be running July 31st through August 2nd. To schedule an appointment simply call 202 965-4696 or email




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