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This month we featured J. Hilburn, a custom menswear company we recently discovered. As we mentioned in our newsletter, we really love the quality, convenience, and customer service J. Hilburn provides. Marcy Silbert is one of the company’s stylists in the D.C. area and she is absolutely wonderful to work with! We wanted Marcy to share more details about J. Hilburn in her own words so we sat down with her for a Q&A on some commonly asked questions about her and the company. If you have any questions or are interested in J. Hilburn email Marcy at and visit the J. Hilburn site,…

Q: What do you think sets J.Hilburn apart from other custom menswear companies?

A: There are many differences between J. Hilburn and our competition.  Our certified stylists have extensive training in all aspects of the menswear business.  We buy from five mills in Northern Italy that have been in business anywhere from 110 to 350 years.  Our fabric selection is unsurpassed in the industry, with many of our suiting fabrics having 140 and 150 thread count. One of the most important aspects of J. Hilburn is the customer service our stylists provide.  We meet our clients at their office or other convenient location, which saves them time and money.  And we offer one hundred percent satisfaction.


Q: Most custom suits range between $2-3K, how do J. Hilburn’s prices compare?

A: Our prices are substantially lower than those at retail, up to 50% to 60% less. We are able to do that for two reasons:  we are one of the largest purchasers in the world and we sell our product without a retail store.


Q: What is the timing like on orders and what happens if it doesn’t fit right?

A: Our turn around time is very efficient.  Our shirts come in about 2 to 3 weeks and our suits and tuxedos come in about 3 to 4 weeks.  If, after the first Fit Appointment something needs to be altered slightly, we do that at a local tailor, at no charge to the customer.  If, however, the shirt or suit does not meet our expectations, J. Hilburn simply remakes them at no charge.


Q: Describe the shopping process and in particular, a client’s experience with you?

A: The client’s first experience is a Measuring Appointment.  We take sixteen measurements to start our customer profile.  We discuss the type of fit they prefer and the style that they like.   We then go through our fabric books and help them select the fabrics they like best, that work with their body type, complexion and build.  Then, we customize the various aspects of the shirts, suits or tuxedos they select, including contrasting collar and cuff, contrasting stitching on buttons and button holes, pic stitching, working buttons, custom buttons, and hand sewn linings.  When the shirts and suits are delivered, we present them to the client at their Fit Appointment, to ensure that everything is completed to their satisfaction.’


Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: I love working with men and fitting them for their first custom shirt, personalized suit, or tuxedo.  It’s a great feeling when my clients look at themselves in the mirror and see how good they look in our clothes.  And they always comment how good they FEEL, too.


Q: What advice would you give prospective clients about ordering custom?

A: My advice would be to try it!  Not only do you look AND feel better in custom clothes, it’s an easy process, it’s convenient, and it saves you time AND money.


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