Carines Bridal Atelier Logo your aisle is our runway
April 27, 2010 CBA, TV
The Hive at 1511
Old Town Alexandria, Va

A quaint & cozy feel in an adorable row house in the heart of
Old Town Alexandria.
The house is bustling with excitement, laughter & nervous butterflies while
models are being primped and polished.
Camera crews, photographers & reporters all prepare for the spotlight.
The stage is set for the debut of Carine’s Bridal Atelier on Fox 5 News…

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!

The Location for our setting

Holly Morris from Live with Holly on Fox 5 News prepares her dialogue..

Nour Kazoun from “Made Up Art” preps Carine and the models.
Her make-up is always so flawless & beautiful…

Giselle from “Elegant Hair by Giselle
Wish she would do my hair everyday…

Despite our early rise and shine of 4:30 am..
a little bit of Starbucks gets everyone feeling silly…

The coffee may not have worked for everyone…
Jess resting her tired feet

Ladies and gents…
this is the look when it hits you that you about to be on “Live” television

It looks like we are hard at work…
but really we are just faking it for the TV teasers

At the end
this is what it’s all about…the dresses!

Monique Lhuillier “Cinnamon” with Monique Lhuillier “Sage Sash”

Monique Lhuillier “Magical Corset” & “Magical Skirt”
with Monique Lhuillier “Deluxe Belt” in Cameo

Rivini “Lismora” gown
with Monique Lhuillier “Farrah” Belt

Junko Yoshioka “Charlotte” dress and bolero
with Monique Lhuillier “Evita” belt

A beautiful sideswept cignon by Giselle,
accented by a mother of pearl and swarovski crystal hair comb by Siman Tu

Our gorgeous and VERY unique bouquets from Da Vinci’s Florist.
My favorite part about Da Vinci’s is their vision.
Just a little bit of description and they create a masterpiece!

Models just can’t get enough of the camera..even if it’s their own!

Just minutes before the spotlight…

Pretty pic!

So I’ve had A LOT of calls and emails about my dress..
it’s by Karen Millen..the black on the sides is slimming!
The camera adds 10 pounds you know!

As we were about to go on camera nerves were high…
so Holly says “Just picture the cameraman naked!”
Poor guy! We just started laughing at him…
& nerves were gone

And we’re LIVE

Me & Holly Morris

Models, Giselle, Nour & I….Posing…

And finally…the crew! SO ecstatic to be done.
Love this picture!

And who could forget the amazing photographer who took all these
beautiful backstage action photos.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Rodney Bailey!

What a great morning…
Till the next time…