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We sat down with our Vendor of the Month, Elan Artists, for a helpful tip session. We wanted to know what couples need to consider when choosing their wedding entertainment. Here’s what they had to say…

  1. Find a knowledgeable vendor that you trust, and let them know what kind of budget you’re working with for wedding entertainment.  Whether the sky is the limit or your budget is bare bones, that information will allow your music vendor to personalize their recommendations and make suggestions in the right price range.


  1. Consider a mix of live and recorded music.  This works well at all budget levels!  For example, a mid-range budget might be best served with a string trio for the ceremony, a solo guitarist for the cocktail hour, and a DJ for the reception.  A higher budget might include a full dance band for the 4 hour reception, and then rather than extending the band into overtime, shift gears to a DJ for the after party.  Sky’s the limit?  Add an amazing boutique jazz band for cocktail hour.


  1. If you’re not familiar with classical music, and stumped by choosing your ceremony selections, don’t worry! I recommend choosing the bridal processional first, and then building the rest of your ceremony selections around that.  You probably have more of an opinion about his than you might realize.  For example, do you want the traditional processional (Bridal Chorus by Wagner, “Here Comes the Bride”)?  Most brides have a strong opinion about this one way or another!  Try walking around your living room imagining walking down the aisle to this music—how does it feel?  Do you want to make a grand entrance, or a more romantic and subtle one?


  1. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part it’s best to let your musical friends & family members enjoy themselves as guests (rather than say, asking Aunt Bea to sing at your ceremony).


  1. When you or your wedding planner create your timeline for the reception, please be sure to include any announcements that you’d like the band or DJ to make, together with phonetic pronunciations for the names of those in your family and bridal party.  This will really help the evening go smoothly!

Our Vendor of the Month for July is Greenworks! They are so wonderful at what they do, flowers truly become artwork in their hands. We wanted to showcase some of the fabulous work they have done over the years and also get their top five tips when is comes to planning and choosing your wedding flowers. Here’s what they had to say…

1. Do some research before you meet with the florist. Think about what you like and do not like, what style you are looking for, and bring pictures of what you see online or in magazines.
2. Ask what flowers are in season. This helps especially with cost control. Consider the color(s) you want rather than a specific flower.
3. Know your budget. Don’t forget to account for a delivery charge and tax. Typically, the cost of one plate of food should be about what you spend on your centerpiece.
4. Splurge on your bouquet if you can! It will be in your photographs and possibly preserved. Make it special.
5. Trust your floral designer and their team. They want to make your wedding beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.13.50 AMPhoto: Jessica Schmidt

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Photo: Terra Dawn

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Photo: K. Thompson

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Photo: Abby Jiu

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Photo: K. Thompson

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Photo: K. Thompson

As we mentioned in our newsletter, we are absolutely loving local lifestyle blog District of Chic! We wanted to chat with the creator and editor, E, to discuss her style and spring trend tips. Here’s what she had to say…
Q: What do you love most about your blog?
A: One of my favorite things is to look back at some of the places my husband and I have traveled and explored around the D.C. area. It’s like having an online scrapbook! I also use it to document my favorite recipes. (which I reuse often in my daily cooking) and favorite restaurants. We’re big foodies!
Q: What do you think is the easiest way to transition your wardrobe to spring?
A: Pairing a nice tailored blazer or sleek leather jacket with warmer weather pieces is a very easy way to integrate spring dresses and tops. At this point, I’m strongly resisting tights so flared denim with high-heeled statement sandals is another great way to bring out spring pieces on cooler nights.
Q: What are your spring essentials?
A: Right now I’m stocking up on bandanas, skinny scarves, and wide belts. They’re an inexpensive easy way to update tried and true staples for the new season.
Q: What is your favorite spring trend this season?
 A: All things 70s! Flared denim, long, flowy dresses. I’m also loving just about anything fringed!
Q: What are your top three things to pack for a spring break get-a-way?
A: My go-tos are always soft knit dresses that won’t wrinkle, denim cut-offs, and light breathable tops. Throw in a pair of heels and a pair of flats and you’re good to go!
(Photos Courtesy of E)

As we mentioned in our newsletter this month, we are OBSESSED with Sara Azani’s blog, Style MBA. Sara is both the creator and editor; her blog focuses on fabulous fashion, beauty, decor, and travel inspiration.

Sara was kind enough to take some time with us to discuss Valentine’s Day styling tips. With V-Day just around the corner her expert guidance is much appreciated! Here’s what she had to say…

Q: What is your go-to date look?

A: I love wearing neutral tones for date night whether it’s for dinner or the movies. Comfy heels are also number 1. If I plan on getting more dressed up, I’ll throw on a comfortable dress with some booties.

Q: What completes a date-night outfit for you?

A: The shoes and bag! Shoes and bags are investment worthy pieces that make an outfit. Make sure to invest in a nice handbag or pair of heels that you can wear repeatedly to make your return on investment.

Q: There are so many different types of date ideas, what would you wear to the following?…

Classic dinner and movie

A: I would wear a chunky sweater with sexy cut outs, leggings, and high boots.

Valentine’s brunch

A more neutral look — classic white silk top and great jeans, with high heels and a nice statement bag.

Home cooked meal and wine by the fire

A: A comfortable sweater dress and my favorite slippers 😉

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Junko Yoshioka Spring 2011 Trunk Show


August 12-14, 2010


Carine’s Bridal Atelier


Junko takes us on a journey through the wonders of the rainforest …
Dimension, layering, and texture
are the key elements for the Spring 2011 collection.
The gowns are feminine with soft and whimsical details,
emphasizing the organic shapes and colors,
that bring the rainforest to life.
Soft, unstructured draping with a nod to sheer fabrics,
gives the gowns a light movement.
So, yes ladies, a wedding gown can be
as light as air.

Lucky for us,
Junko is bringing the rainforest to our door.
So we don’t have to go running for our backpacks
and hopping on the next flight to the Amazon.
Leave the safari clothes and bug spray at home!

(All photos courtesy of moi – while I was at Spring 2011 bridal market in NY…)

“Claudine” – an elegant gown with a tiered train

“Lucienne”- combines different textures for intricate
pattern details

“Collette”- a mermaid gown with an exaggerated bow detail

“Lisette”- a mermaid gown that flares with tulle bottom

“Celine”- V-neckline ball gown with an intricate embellishment at waist

“Bella”- a strapless ballgown with a ruched bodice &
a handmade belt at waistline

“Valentina”- Soft, ruffled tiered gowns with shades of champagne that give a
soft, airy look

“Estee”- Ball gown with detailed floral imprints

Junko, herself with Valentina!

We did a quick Q&A with Junko about Spring 2011 & upcoming collections.
Let’s get to know

Junko Yoshioka

Q: Where are you from?
A: Japan

Q: How do you like living in New York vs Japan?
A: I love NYC, the energy and pace is so exciting.

Q: Did you have any designers that influenced you?
A: I admire Alexander McQueen a great deal.

Q: What is the feeling of the Spring 2011 Collection?
A: Soft, feminine, flowy gowns with unique accents and details.

Q: From the collection, which is your favorite gown? Why?
A: Fiona. I love the draping on the elongated bodice and the flow and movement of the ruffle skirt.

Q: How/where did you get your inspiration for this collection?
A: My inspiration for this collection is a stroll through the rainforest…hidden surprises at every turn.

Q: Do you tend to design gowns that are more trendy or classic?
A: I shy away from trends and strive to create neo-classic designs.

Q: I saw some hand painting techniques in your collection, are you starting to experiment with different media for your gowns?
A: I am always looking to new techniques and art forms to offer my brides the most beautiful designs possible.

Q: I saw handmade belts, can you tell me more about the idea and the design of them?
A: Belts are a growing trend and we like to add them to gowns that are simple and clean. It’s great to add a belt on after the ceremony, going into the reception party.
Q: Your short dress caught my eye during the show and I absolutely love it, what was your inspiration?
A: To create a simple, short dress with a focus at the neck!

Q: So Junko, I know that you don’t have much spare time but what do you like to do during your free time?
A: Spend time with my 2 year old daughter, Nanami!!!!

Q: Lastly, can you give us any hints for your Fall 2011 Collection? What can we anticipate?
A: Drama, bold silhouettes and gorgeous details.

After the Q&A with Junko,
I must say, I am oh so very excited
about the Trunk Show.
If you have any questions about the show,
please feel free to ask.

I’ll meet you in the rainforest …

Anxiously counting down the days,