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Congratulations to one of my dearest friends Jenny who just got engaged this past weekend.
We met in college and have shared too many good times to recount!
I was so excited when Konstantin called me in September
asking to help design Jenny’s ring.
Four months, a proposal and a happy friend later…
Well I think it’s best if I let Jenny tell the rest…
How did you meet Konstantin?
Konstantin and I met at a work happy hour– he was sitting quietly at the end of the table with those big green eyes of his. I had to beat the other women off with a stick, it was like clubbing baby seals.
How long have you been dating?
About 3 years. He surprised me on our 3 year anniversary with white lilies and some homemade Bulgarian soup.
Where did you go on your 1st date?
We actually didn’t really have an official “first date”, we hung out as friends first. I’m kind of like a dude, so we cracked open some beers for an impromptu gathering at his house with friends. Our typical “date nights” can be anywhere from a nice dinner & movie, to the shooting range.

Tell us your engagement story. How did he propose?
Upside down in a flight simulator at the Air & Space Museum with a $5 Target ring. He made sure to get me good and nauseated first before he took out the real ring he had been working on for months. Just for the record, I said “yes” to both rings!
Do you have any recommendations for how recently engaged couples should tell their family and friends about their engagement? How did you spread the news?
Hide everything on Facebook because news gets around so fast! We called my parents and skyped his family in Bulgaria, Germany and Budapest. Then we skyped our families so they could cheers one another.

We know it is early, but have you set a date or picked a wedding location?
Not yet, we’re going to enjoy the moment for now, but the date will likely be in about a year or so.
Have you purchased any wedding magazines or visited any wedding websites?
Nope, I’m relying on Carine and her staff. I wouldn’t even know where to get a bridal magazine—those exist?!
If so, what wedding trends are influencing you?
Simple and ethereal, with nicely architected tailored details. I’m partial to roman or greek-inspired designs that flow easily and fit closely to the body. I don’t like too much fluff, so I’m really leaning towards very organic and outdoor accents and colors.
Thank you Jenny, for taking the time to answer our questions;
I know you must have a whirlwind of questions coming from your friends and family.
So, the fun story about the ring- I got the call from Konstantin and after hanging up I had to figure out what Jenny really liked.
I set up a fun ring shopping day in October, for the “just-in-case” phone call if it were to come my way.
Once I got her style I knew the best place and person to visit for the diamond was Blauweiss Berkowitz in New York, and Jessica was an amazing assistant.
The diamond was bought amongst the frenzy of bridal market, shipped to DC, and then Boone and Sons helped complete the vision.
Jenny had liked two rings from our shopping excursion, so Konstantin and I married the two designs to create the perfect ring for Jenny.
After all of the hard work, here is the final product…
Ring setting created by Boone & Sons.
Diamond from Blauweiss Berkowitz, New York
Congratulations, again Jenny and Konstantin.
I couldn’t be happier for the two of you.
Can’t wait for the next step…the wedding dress!!