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If any of you are like me,
you’re obsessed with DIY projects.
I just can’t get enough of them!
And to add to the re-vamping of our blog,
we’ve decided to have DIY Friday’s.
No weekend plans? You have some now!
Forecast says it’s supposed to be cold this weekend …
so grab that cup of hot cocoa and write those
Wedding Thank You Cards
you’ve been putting off!
These adorable thank you cards came from My DIY Wedding Day


These thank you packets include an embossed card and favorite photos
from the wedding all neatly wrapped in a ribbon and tag.
As I was looking through various DIY projects,
what caught my eye for this one was the luggage tags.
I am a HUGE fan of luggage tags, they give
a vintage yet playful touch to everything.
I’m a hair stylist who was in desperate need for business cards,
and hated everything that I saw.
I’ve even used luggage tabs to make my own business cards …

so as soon as I saw the little Thank You tabs,
I had to share.

Supplies Needed to make Thank You Cards:

  • watermark ink or embossing ink
  • ink of color choice (she used black)
  • thermal embossing powder color of choice (she used gold)
  • rubber thank you stamp
  • rubber stamp of choice for front of card (she used custom monogram stamp)
  • heat gun
  • cards and envelopes
  • ribbon
  • luggage tags
  • pocket folders
  • selection of wedding photos

What to do:

  1. Using Thank-You stamp, stamp luggage tags with thank-you
    stamps and put aside.
  2. Press the rubber stamp on watermark ink and stamp the image
    on the card by pressing down firmly and removing the stamp quickly.
  3. Shake the thermal embossing powder over the image
    until it is completely covered.
    To remove excess powder tap the card over some paper
    then empty this back into thermal embossing powder container.
    *Make sure the card has no flecks of powder by brushing them off.

4. Turn on heat tool to melt the powder. (This may take a few seconds)

5. Once you have filled the cards with your note and enveloped them
you can insert the card and photographs into the pocket and seal it.
6. Put the ribbon through the luggage tag and tie it around pocket folder,
finish it off with a tie of your choice!

If you have any DIY wedding ideas you’d like to share,
we’d love to hear them!
Submit your ideas to

Crafting away,

PS. Today is the last for our accessories trunk show!
Come in and save on accessories!!