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Don’t ya just love looking at wedding magazines??
As a bridal consultant I’m obsessed with them and always learn so much.
One of my favorite bridal magazines is Southern Weddings.
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Lara Casey, the editor, always brings to light old and new wedding customs.
Recently, the magazine featured a page of southern traditions such as the grooms cake…Steel Magnolias anyone?

Carrying a handkerchief…

Finally, the tradition of brides carrying a bouquet with a Bible attached…

For instance, the significance of carrying a nosegay with a Bible derives from Northern Ireland. This tradition brings to mind Grace Kelly–who also carried a Bible with her lily of the valley bouquet.

You should check out Southern Weddings and think about what types of traditions you want to incorporate in your wedding!

(Credits, Photo 1: Southern Weddings Photo 2: Grooms Cake
Photo 3: Wedding Handkerchief Photo 4: Grace Kelly Bible, Photo 5: Grace Kelly Image)