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A few months ago, we began featuring
a different bride every week. We got such
great feedback that we are going to dedicate
every Wednesday as ‘Bridal Spotlight’ Day.
To start our Wednesday Tradition,
this week’s Bride of the Week is
(one of our favorite brides)
Caroline Ross

Caroline wore Miracle by Monique Lhuillier 

I, luckily got a chance to talk to Caroline after
the big day to get the inside scoop …


Q: When and where did you get married?
Bo and I were married on June 4, 2011
at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Catholic Church
in Kansas City, Missouri, my hometown

Q: Why did you pick the venue for your wedding?
We chose Redemptorist because several family members,
including my brother,
were married in this church and it holds special meaning to my family.
It’s a gorgeous cathedral-style Catholic church
and was the perfect setting for our special day.

Q: How did you meet your fiancé?
Bo and I were set up by Bo’s Dad
in the spring of 2006 at a lunch in the Pentagon.
I wasn’t aware that his Dad was bringing his cute son, Bo,
but I was thankful he did.
At the time, Bo was in the Army
and he was deployed to Iraq in January of 2007.
We stayed connected and committed (emailing, writing calling for 10 months)
until he safely came home in November 2007.
Bo eventually moved to DC so we could continue our relationship
…3 years later we were engaged!

Q: Throughout the wedding planning process,
what was your favorite part?
My favorite part of the wedding planning process
was having so much fun with my Mom.
She has impeccable taste and was always willing to do anything
to make our wedding day absolutely amazing.
Mom and I emailed and talked every single day for over year
and while there were some tough moments, which are to be expected,
we laughed so hard and so often
because of all the fun we were having together.
She was the heart of the operation
and I loved all the moments and memories we made.


Q: Throughout the wedding planning process,
what did you dread the most?
I dreaded that my hair and make-up would look like a disaster. HA.
I live in DC and the wedding was in Kansas City,
so trying to find the best people
for hair and make-up was a challenge at first.
In the end, due to Mom’s help of course,
we figured it out and I loved my hair and make-up for the wedding.

Q: How did you know ‘Miracle’ was the dress for you?
Call it stupid but the name ‘Miracle’
really threw me for a loop when it arrived
at Carine’s despite having shipped during the worst snow storm
the East Coast had seen in years, often called Snowmaggedon.
I have no idea how the dress made it to Carine’s in time
so that I could show it to my parents
but it did and it was a ‘Miracle.’
I think having the dress on
and seeing my Mom and Dad’s reaction
really sealed the deal for me.
I knew I wanted to wear a gown and look absolutely elegant
but seeing their response to the dress
really made me realize how special the dress is
and that it was the dress for me.
Of course, Carine had a huge role in making my parents and I feel
absolutely comfortable and creating that special moment for us.


Q: What was the most memorable moment on your big day?
The most memorable moment for me
was right after Bo and I recessed down the aisle,
the Kansas City Chorale was singing “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher”
and as we exited into the foyer we realized it was just us.
Just the two of us standing there and we embraced and kissed several times.
The photographer took several pictures
and totally captured that moment, thankfully.
We had this look of “did that just happen?”
It was amazing and it was truly my favorite moment
to just look at each other and know that we were married.

Q: Lastly, what kind of advice would you give
a bride who is planning a wedding?
Advice I would give a bride planning a wedding
would be to take a deep breath
when it gets hard and remember what your wedding day is all about
– you and your fiancé.
I think everyone passes this advice along but really take it to heart.
You can get caught up with so many details
that are upsetting and just don’t matter in the end.
It doesn’t matter if you have 10 kinds of candy
on your candy table instead of 12
and it doesn’t matter that
a groomsman was a no-show (that actually happened to us).
All of the distractions from a year out to the day of
don’t matter and try to maintain that perspective the whole way through.
You and your fiancé will be much better off
when you take a deep breath together and focus on each other.

A few more of Caroline’s favorite moments … 

Congratulations Caroline and Bo!
And thank you for letting us be
a part of such a wonderful day …
All the best,
Carine’s Bridal